A Luxury Boutique Hotel in Corfu

As one of the finest luxury boutique hotels in Corfu, Lena Mare Boutique Hotel offers guests an enriched experience that’s upscale and unique.

Exceptional vistas of azure waters can be enjoyed from the position of this exclusive boutique hotel. Set at the base of a hill, the hotel offers magnificent views to the sea giving emphasis and priority to tranquility and the harmonious integration of the facility in the distinctive landscape.

Lena Mare Boutique Hotel features luxury Rooms and Suites, all built with an authentic look inspired by the natural beauty of the surrounding area. This luxury escape blends visionary design and minimalism, with its sleek lines and unique structure, yet always respecting the island’s traditional architecture.

Throughout our hotel, guests experience urbane spaces offering sophistication and elegance. Indulge in our bright accommodations that combine luxury furnishings with thoughtful amenities. We strive to exceed your expectations, combining intimate experiences, elegant surroundings and personalized service.