Lena Mare Acharavi Hotel

Corfu, the island with the richest history, extensive traditions, distinctive culture and unique customs is situated in northwestern Ionian Sea.

Sailing northwards in the Ionian Sea, along lush green coasts and shores with crystal clear water, we come upon the Acharavi area. This is where Lena Mare Corfu Hotel Apartments is situated.


Unforgettable vacation overlooking the sea

Corfu is a beautiful island with lush vegetation, rich history, friendly people, exquisite food, typical architecture and excellent touristic infrastructure. A short distance from the city of Corfu, Lena Mare Corfu Hotel Apartments offers unrivaled accommodation and services in its luxury studios and apartments. Luxury stay in Corfu acquires new dimensions in Lena Mare Corfu Hotel.

Lena Mare Corfu Hotel Apartments has spacious, luxury studios and apartments, which are modern, bright and ideal for relaxation and rest.

A hotel of unique architecture in Corfu

Our main idea was to create a luxury hotel in Corfu, in harmony with the natural beauty of the area, where we could offer high-level accommodation and services. To that end, we selected the best location at the base of the hill that stretches just behind Lena Mare, with a magnificent view to the sea giving emphasis and priority to tranquility and the harmonious development of the facility in the distinctive landscape.

Construction was in stages and was completed at the end of 1996. We paid special attention and emphasis to the design interventions respecting the island's traditional architecture and the distinct character of the landscape.

Thus, we created a luxury studio and apartment complex harmonically integrated into the landscape that gives to visitors of Corfu and visitors of the Ionian islands the feeling that this is the ideal vacation destination.

Luxury hotel in Corfu

Lena Mare Corfu Hotel Apartments is a luxury hotel in the Acharavi area on the northern section of the island of Corfu. Built in a privileged area with a splendid view and magnificent sunsets, the hotel offers luxurious accommodation in Corfu, one of the most beautiful Ionian islands.

All luxury studios and apartments are oriented towards the beach, thus providing to our guests the opportunity to enjoy a superb and uninterrupted view of the Ionian Sea. With a lush green garden, less than 700 meters from the sandy beach and exclusive accommodation and services, Lena Mare in Corfu promises an memorable Ionian vacation.